Dr. med. Michael Golenhofen - Facharzt für HNO Heilkunde & Naturheilverfahren

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Outpatient meniere and vertigo rehabilitation enables all treatment elements to be implemented in an optimally coordinated and time-compressed manner.

Within the framework of a 1-, 2- or 3-week meniere and vertigo rehabilitation, the necessary outpatient medical, dental, training-therapeutic, physiotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic measures will be implemented goal-oriented by our experienced team with you.

The integrative linking of the individual treatment steps is an essential aspect of successful tinnitus treatment.

The Meniere-Schwindel-Check defines which treatment duration is advantageous for you.

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Vollständige Untersuchungen + lückenlose Behandlungsplanung - an einem Tag !

Eine auf höchstem Niveau angesiedelte fachärztliche Diagnostik durch HNO-Arzt, Zahnarzt und Orthopäde ist Grundvoraussetzung einer erfolgreichen Behandlung. 

In the treatment MeniereClinic feels committed to the highest quality standards

Sufficient time for examination and treatment are a matter of course basic prerequisites

The Meniére check and treatment planning : approx. 550,- € to 850,- €.            

Meniére check and treatment planning including 1 week of basic therapy:
approx. 2.500,- €  

Meniére check and treatment planning including 3 weeks total therapy: cost estimate possible after Meniére check

We provide our services in accordance with the catalogue of services of the official fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ), which is thus reimbursed by the private health insurance companies. We are happy to help our patients with the application for reimbursement.
Please use the cost plan in the download and submit an informal application for reimbursement to your statutory health insurance.