eCounseling - via Email, Phone or Skype

Endolymphatic disorders are complex conditions, which can be difficult to understand, diagnose and treat. Only a few centers provide you with the full spectrum of diagnosis and treatment options. Only a hand full specialized physicians additionally cover the multidisciplinary aspects in the field of immunology, orthopedics, dentistry, orthodontics and movement sciences.   

This service seeks to provide you with the full spectrum of neurootological competence in the field of endolymphatic disorders (Menieres disease), combined with the interdisciplinary knowledge of 6 specialized physicians.

This with an reasonable amount of time, economical and organizational effort.

This service focusses on:

  • ... accurately diagnosing your complaints with your home physicians


  • ... preparing your diagnostic and treatment at MeniereClinic/Prien


  • ... simply making available advice in your present situation and plan further steps.
You can click on the Email-adress below or use the dialogue at the bottom of this page to make an appointment for a counseling session with Dr. M. P. Golenhofen. 


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