... is a one-day, interdisciplinary investigation-procedure, performed by specialized physicians in order to determine the underlying dysfunctional processes behind Menière's disease, Menières syndrome or any other cause of vertigo. The following investigations take place during the Meniere-Check:

Clinical investigation using ear microscopy
Clinical investigation using ear microscopy
  • Check for chronic inflammation in teeth, head and neck, small and large intestines, sinuses and tonsils.

  • Immunological tests and screening for environmental toxins.

  • Investigation of temporo-mandibular and craniosacral function.

  • Neurootological tests for cochlear function.

  • Functional tests of mobility and muscle function in neck and spine.

At the end of all investigations, you have a summarizing counseling with Dr. Michael Golenhofen, including a detailed description of further steps in diagnostic an therapy. With this information, you are able to plan and realize your treatment in our center, or with your home physicians.

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