Menière's disease...

Endolymphatic organ in temporal bone
Endolymphatic organ in temporal bone

... is a triad of vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss in an attack of minutes up to severeal hours duration. It is named after Prosper Menière, a french physician, who observed these symptoms in his patients.

Beside the location of the disorder, the endolymphatic fluid, we know very little about the disease. This explains, why we gave it and similar pathologies descriptive names or simply took the name of the person, who first described the symptoms: Lermoyez syndrome, fluctuating hearing loss, Menière's disease.

Today we understand the symptoms of sudden hearing loss, fullness of the ear, vertigo attacks and hissing tinnitus as signs of a complex syndrome, called:




As causes for this syndrome, which can affect the hearing, the aequilibrium or both at the same time, a number of pathologies have been found to be responsible:


  • Autoimmune inflammation in the inner ear, in conjuction with those in kidneys, intestines, teeth or other organs.

  • Malfunction in nerval tissues, causing headaches and reduced circulation in oxygen supplying arteries.

  • Severe dysfunction in the Temporo-Mandibular and Cranio-Sacral System, causing malfunction of the autonome innervation of the inner ear and endolymphatic organ.

  • Toxic burden in the inner ear, caused by heavy metals, drugs or toxic metabolites.

  • Functional or anatomical malfunction in the endolymphatic organ, caused by viral infections, genetic abnormalities or trauma.

Clinical investigation at MeniereClinic
Clinical investigation at MeniereClinic

In the light of these recent findings, anything exept an accurate set of diagnostics, investigating the underlying pathologies, appears to be obsolete.

The same is valid for procedures of symptomatic treatment, be it of chemical (betahistine, gentamycine) or surgical (saccotomy) nature.

In conjunction with a diagnostic nihilism, these measures often leave patients in a situation of intellectual and emotional isolation and despair.


MeniereClinic operates as a competence center, providing information, diagnostic and therapeutical service for patients and people interested in the multi-disciplinary diagnostic  and therapy of Degenerative Vestibulo-Cochlear Disorders, such as Menière's disease. fluctuating hearing loss, sudden hearing loss, Lermoyez syndrome, Tumarkin drop attacks, Vestibular-, Cochlear migraine and Autoimmune inner ear disorders.

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