The treatment ...

...focusses on improving the symptoms of Degenerative Vestibulo-Cochlear Disorders (DVCD) by eliminating biological malfunction in head, neck and the temporo-mandibular system.

Temporal bone with endolymphatic organ
Temporal bone with endolymphatic organ

The aims of treatment in details :


  • Elimination of chronic inflammation in head and neck, causing irritability of the brainstem, responsible for dysbalances of the endolymphatic homeostasis.

  • Alignment of cranio-mandibular and cranio-vertebral function and anatomy.

  • Treatment of immunological disorders such as allergies, latent virus infections and food intolerances, promoting immunological changes in the endolymphatic fluid.

  • Tests and elimination of toxic elements and metabolites in serum, urine or saliva, which can affect endolymphatic homeostasis.

  • Normalization of antioxidative and anti-inflammatory potential of the inner ear and endolymphatic fluid.

The methods ...

Masticator muscle over temporal bone
Masticator muscle over temporal bone

  • Functional therapy of dental occlusion - oral splints
  • Immunmodulating therapies including specific immunotherapy


  • Surgery of chronic inflammation

  • Nutritional therapy - Diet - Intestinal therapies

  • Manual therapy/osteopathy/Rolfing

  • Elimination of environmental toxins

  • Sensori-motor education/Somatics

  • Labyrinth anaesthesia

  • Neural therapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Craniomandibular orthopedics

  • Neurotransmitter therapy

  • Phytotherapy/Homeopathy/Isotherapy

  • Psychotherapy/Hypnosystemic Therapy/Walking Somatic Fractals

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