Dr. med. Michael Golenhofen - Facharzt für HNO Heilkunde & Naturheilverfahren

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A comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of all causes of dizziness
is the basic prerequisite for successful treatment!

Dizziness occurs in the form of sway and rotation.
Various causes can lead to this symptom.

  • Disturbances in the inner ear and organ of equilibrium

  • Diseases of the central nervous system and eye control

  • Spinal diseases of the neck, chest or back with an effect on body perception

  • Mental reactions and disorders

  • Toxic environmental or drug exposure



Vollständige Untersuchungen und lückenlose Behandlungsplanung - an einem Tag !

  • Head and neck hearth search

  • Orthopaedic examination of the cervical spine + cranio-sacral system

  • Checking the teeth for hearing and occlusion disorders

  • 3D measurement of the musculoskeletal system and bite examination

  • Muscle function analysis of the neck muscles and possibly all body areas

  • Blood analyses for chronic inflammation and heavy metal exposure

  • Environmental toxicological + immunological tests (optional)

  • Complete diagnostics of the vegetative nervous system (optional)

At the end of an examination day you will receive a written treatment recommendation, which you can implement with your doctors at home. We will be happy to advise your attending physicians on our recommendations.

Do you have any questions about the treatment or our one-day vertigo check?
Send us an email or give us a call!


In addition to modern specialist diagnostics, we often use methods of naturopathy and holistic medicine.

You benefit from the findings of medical research as well as from the experience of holistic medicine.

Here you will find information about the costs of examination and treatment.